Fact Check: Are diesel cars really more polluting than petrol cars?

Associate Professor Aonghus McNabola reviews an article for the conversation.com, published on May 2nd 2017, exploring whether diesel cars are really more polluting than petrol cars?


RTE Primetime: Diesel Nation

David McCullagh explores the backlash against diesel cars, only a couple of years after drivers were encouraged to buy them to help fight climate change. Trinity College's ASSOCIATE PROF. AONGHUS MCNABOLA is interviewed as part of this programme, originally broadcast on the 27th of April 2017. With around a million diesel cars in Ireland, how do we battle the health risks of diesel exhaust emissions?


  • Available Until: Saturday 27 May 2017
  • Broadcast: Thu 27 Apr 2017
  • Duration: 18mins
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