The project is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency Research 2014-2020 programme, and comprises an investigation of the impact of diesel vehicle emissions on the exposure of the population to PM2.5 and their subsequent health impacts. 

  • The project includes the collection of PM2.5 samples in location-specific microenvironments and among selected population subgroups to complement existing records of PM2.5 exposure.
  • Source apportionment will also conducted to identify the contribution of diesel emissions to the total mass of particles in different microenvironments.
  • A PM2.5 population exposure assessment for Dublin based on time-activity profiles and census records will be developed, and a diesel vehicle emissions model will also be developed to assess the current and future impact of diesel vehicles on emissions at a local urban scale. These emissions and exposure models will enable the project to inform policy and develop solution to the environmental impact of diesel vehicles in Ireland.